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Need another hand in assisting with your marketing plan. Let us know. We are more than happy to make sure you get your project going.

Want to do something that stands our from the rest…contact us and let’s brainstorm.

When a company first creates their identity in the market they try to connect with customers by either providing a service, selling a product or both. This can be difficult as the market is increasingly changing creating obstacles to compete and sustain.

We have been offering advice to companies, organizations and individuals from different cultures and countries and understand what is needed for developing a strong brand in order to identify with their market. A successful brand not only needs to look attractive but give the feeling it is more than just a product or service.

Branding is what we do best

Not so simple but we made already quite a few.

You need a graphic for a logo and or want something special that stands our from the rest. Let’s talk.

Product photography is what we do

Currently updating our photo portfolio. Send the right message with a picture or a video

At this time we are creating videos for marketing purposes and will be putting out or portfolio for you to see.At the moments we are focusing on instructional videos, product branding and animation

We have been designing, implementing and updating websites for over 5 years and enjoy doing this as each site is unique just as each company is. We make sure your website matches with your business needs.

It is important to focusing on being unique to stand out from the rest of the competitors. Your website, is your business card, it shoud not take so much time to maintain as you should be doing your core business. Being online is to keep your exisitng clients updated with new products or services and new clients interested in your business

Most individuals and companies are at one of these 3 points with their website needs:

  • Starting from scratch and have no knowledge about websites
  • Experiencing issues with existing website , such as maintenance, etc.
  • Require a new makeover to become efficient for Mobile platforms

If you are experiencing one of the above, feel free to contact us today. We are more than happy to give you guidance.

Mobile: In the last few years, the mobile revolution has exploded. We have been tracking visitors on many of our sites and have noticed that at least 75% of all visitors on all website are interacting with mobile devices. Optimizing your website for today’s standards such has being a fully responsive site adapted to any mobile platform (a mobile phone or a tablet) keeps you in the game.

Speed: Time is something everyone wants to save, especially when waiting for a website to load. There is nothing worse than a slow website. We focus on maximizing the speed of delivery to the users which can optimized by either reducing content, changing to a faster host/server or minimizing files to an optimum level.

If you need assistance with one of these than we can help you:

  • flyers
  • posters & roll-ups
  • stickers
  • business cards
  • or a new idea or creation

If you want to show something dynamic…let us know

Communicaton partner

We offer our clients assistance with communicating to other business partners. If you don’t know the culture, business ethics, and or language than you can run into difficulties later down the road.


Most people think Google translator can translate everything for them. We hate to disappoint you, but Google translator is good for 1-3 words. But not whole sentences.

We speak, write, read in the following languages: English, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, German, Polish and Romanian.

Creativity is intelligence having fun!