O bag / O clock

Project Description

A concept bag made from rubber plastic (EVA) which has interchangeable parts in different colours and designs; handles, inside canvas, and accessories. The company was first called Fullspot and then then changed to O bag. The  first started with interchangeable watches (O clock) in different colours and sizes and then added different designs of bags and accessories to their portfolio; O clock, O pocket, O Chive, O sun, O click

Project Objectives:

To introduce new products into new markets

All 4 – Distribution, Management, IT Consulting and Marketing & Design

  • Distribution and development of brand in Europe
  • Strategic sales channels
  • Representation of Events – Quicksilver Windsurfing Event in Austria
  • Flyers
  • Development of branded webshop with external supplier
  • Website www.fullspot.at
  • Online Marketing activities (social media)
  • Quality Control


More Information
Pros: Concept and design of products especially the O bag was Unique. Was made 100% in Italy, currently majority of products made in Asia.
Cons: After a change in management and the original designer left the organization decided to leave the company changed it's values and quality of products.
-Company was not transparent of production location and production quality decreased
-Business focused primarily on opening franchising forcing small resellers to buy a franchise or no longer allowed to sell products.
-High amount of defects and refund/exchange of products which were never replaced.
-Production delays
Note: If you are interested in these products click on the preview button or visit www.felicityandfriends.com


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