Project Description

A German brand which was initially created in 1969 as “the brand with the name G” with “Laufelastisch Soles”. Sold more shoes than Puma during this time, unfortunately management failed to expand globally as their main markets was only Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Company closed down and brand was bought by an Italian company. Handmade shoes with a unique design and premium quality.

Models of Shoes: Cayenne, Majestic and Clay

Project Objectives:

To develop the brand within Europe and Internationally

  • Website Development
  • Photography
  • Marketing Material
  • Distribution within Europe
More Information

Pros: Handmade shoes made from diverse leathers. Made 100% in Italy. The shoes with the laufelastische (elastic) soles are the best but limited

Cons: Suppliers change constantly adding delays to production. Time is quality so unless you have time to wait it is worth the price.

Solution: Need to find reliable suppliers in order to keep costs down and production constant.

Note: They also create other diverse shoes and bags for both men and women. If you are interested in these products visit
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