Hymy bag

Project Description

A concept bag made out of 5 different types material: EVA, Neoprene, Leather, Gummi, Leather (Rubber), Leather Latex.

The company had changes through the years and due to issues with stakeolders, production is on hold until internal issues get solved.

Models of Bags: Classic, Mini, Shopper, Clutch, etc…

Project Objectives:

To develop the brand within Europe

  • Website Development
  • Photography
  • Marketing Material
  • Distribution
  • Social Media
More Information

Pros: Handmade leather bags. Made 100% in Italy. Unique designs. Easy to store and change to your style.

Cons: In 2017, the brand was bought by HYMY Group which consisted of the designer with only 47%. The management running the brand lacks skills and strategy and created negative issues. Production is on hold until further notice.

Solution: If you have a company and are searching for investors, never give more than 49%. As well, if you are looking for investors make sure to find those with experience.

Note:  Limited stock left. Find the last models on  www.felicityandfriends.com
Live Preview